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Located on a natural site offering an exceptional panorama of the Limagne plain, this theme park allows you to travel through the history of life through exhibitions, digital animations and educational workshops. For a day or more, young and old are invited to immerse themselves in the most fabulous of stories. Emotions guaranteed.


Throughout the season :
“The hidden face of Lucy” – Escape Game

This ESCAPE GAME will take place in the office of Yves Coppens, eminent scientist with world renown, discoverer of the most famous australopithecus. Players are invited to solve puzzles linked to a secret held by the famous paleoanthropologist. The part will revolve around the study of hominins and their evolution with a view to discovering this emblematic fossil. ESCAPE GAME level: Intermediate.

Useful information :

Days and times :
Open from February 17 to November 11, 2024:
- Opening hours can be consulted online on the park website.

Address :
Site de Chazoux - Route de Bègues
03800 GANNAT
Phone number :
04 70 90 16 00

E-mail address :

Website :

GPS coordinates :
latitude : 46.11386
longitude : 3.16613