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1. Mora town residence. © J.-P. Cordier CG 03.   2. Jean Claverie for Little Red Riding Hood , Albin Michel, 1994 al. CI.   3. Lionel Koechlin for a gardener memories The Colonel , 1973 , coll. CI .  

The Children’s Illustration Museum offers an immersion in the world of book illustration and more particularly children’s books from the 19th century to the present day. Its large collection of original illustrations (nearly 4,500 pieces from more than thirty illustrators) makes it an exceptional place. The route allows you to discover the history of illustration and creative techniques, supplemented by temporary exhibitions.


Artist workshops

  • July 6, at 2:30 p.m., with Laura Bellini: Cubentin
  • July 16 with Philippe Morlot: Pop-up workshop
  • July 17 with Antonia Neyrins
  • July 31, at 3 p.m., with Nathalie Novi: Workshop “The human being is a garden”
  • August 10, at 3 p.m. with Jennifer Dalrymple: “The rules of the art” workshop
  • August 28, at 2:30 p.m. with Alan Mets: “Draw a character with Alan Mets” workshop



This exhibition pays tribute to the author Philippe Corentin, who died in 2022 at the age of 86, and immerses us in his very particular world.

Smacking heads, Papa, Miss save-who-can, The ogre, the wolf, the little girl and the cake, Splash!, Thing owl, Zigomar doesn’t like vegetables…and so many others.

In Philippe Corentin’s albums, there is a Santa Claus who decides to shrink, Swiss German beetles who ask flies for the address of a pastry shop, moorhens taken for sissies, a stupid dog from a good omen, a big baba full of rum, chocolate éclairs on the high seas, a pickle machine gun, an author-illustrator who asks his publisher for money…

Stories in which there are rabbits playing to scare each other, crushed strawberry-colored piglets… And most often a wolf !

It makes no sense !

from december 16, 2023 to june 16, 2024


70 Artists pay tribute to Philippe Corentin. Discover this exhibition full of surprises.

from july 05, 2024 to september 22, 2024

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