The Rural Museum of Montaigu-Le-Blin

1. The Museum.   2. Woman hat and cap.   3. Dress children 1906.  

This museum presents a magnificent collection of tools and objects specific to trades and local and rural life in the past. This local history museum also brings together many masterpieces allowing you to learn more about the local geology and the history of the famous limestone rocks called stromatolites.


Fossils: Other Montacutain heritage

Since the summer of 2023, the rural museum has taken its visitors on a journey to the Mesozoic era thanks to a most surprising collection of fossils. Imagine yourself, a few million years ago, at the time of the Diaceratherium lemanense (rhinoceros), Palaelodus ambiguus (Flemish), Diplocynodon rateli (crocodile) in Montaigu-Le-Blin…

It is thanks to Rhinopolis and the Natural History Museum of Paris that this exhibition was possible. They allowed the museum to develop an atypical and attractive display, offering a wide range of fossils found at Montaigu-Le-Blin.

from june 23, 2024 to september 29, 2024

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Open from June 23 to September 29, 2024:
- Only on Sundays except July 28 and August 15.
- Visits possible outside this period only by appointment.

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Le bourg
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06 10 45 12 78

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latitude : 46.29558
longitude : 3.51090