Fine Arts

COULEUVRE - The Porcelain Museum of Couleuvre
The Museum introduces you to the history of the Couleuvres porcelain factory, crated in 1789 (moulds, models, collector’s items).
MOULINS - Anne de Beaujeu Museum and Mantin House – MAB
This Departmental museum is set in the Renaissance pavilion, the only remaining part from the ducal palace. It displays Gallo-Roman terracotta statuettes from the Allier, Bourbonnais sculptures, German and Flemish paintings of the Middle Ages,…
MOULINS - Illustration of the Youth Museum – MIJ
The Departmental Museum presents contemporary aspect of book illustration youth of the 19th century to today. The journey to discover the history of illustration, creative techniques and temporary exhibitions .
SAINT-FÉLIX - Josette Bournet Museum
The Josette Bournet museum presents works by Josette Bournet in a 120 m² space: paintings, drawings and ceramics.
VICHY - The African and Asian Arts Museum
The museum is set in a former 19th-century water-cure establishment. It presents collections of traditional and contemporary African and Asian civilizations.