BOURBON L'ARCHAMBAULT - Augustin-Bernard Muséum
Birth and evolution of the seigniory then of the duchy, distant cradle of the Bourbon dynasty and very particular aspects of the city dedicated for 2000 years to hydrotherapy as well as the different aspects…
BOURBON L'ARCHAMBAULT - Fortress of the Dukes of Bourbon
This medieval fortress, attached to its rocky promontory, was the seat of the residence of the lords of Bourbon before their installation in Moulins, once they became dukes. Later, their descendants will become kings ……
CHANTELLE - Chantelle Heritage House
The Friends of the Country Chantellois annually organizes a historical theme exhibition.
CHARROUX - Museum of Charroux and its district
History of the medieval city through archeology, lapidary collections , crafts, local activities and archival documents from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. Tours through the old part of the town departing from the…
CUSSET - The Prison Tower Museum and its Undergrounds
Discovery of the remains of the fortified town. Fine arts. The tour allows you to discover the history of the walled city at the request of Louis XI by Vauzy St. Martin between 1476 and 1483, and…
GANNAT - Yves Machelon Museum
The history of the Gannat country from the geological period to the Second World War. Fossiles of rhinos. Carolingian evangelistary.
HURIEL - Museum of the Dungeon of Toque
History of the lords of Huriel in one of the oldest keeps of France ; models show the evolution of the village and the Romanesque church ; evocation of the vineyard.
SOUVIGNY - Museum and Priory Church
This lapidary museum shelters the well-known Romanesque pillar called the Zodiac pillar ; historical gardens. The visit can be completed by a tour of the priory church, where the Cluny holy abbots Mayeul and Odilon…