Ethnography and Country History

CHAREIL-CINTRAT - Conservatory of Veterans Grapes
Located on the hillside adjacent to the castle Chareil , the Conservatory you will discover two hectares of old vines once used in the composition of the wines of Saint- Pourçain . It aims to…
LE BREUIL - Milling Museum – Montciant Mill
In the Bourbonnaise mountains, the Musée de la Meunerie – Moulin de Montcian presents children and parents with the traditional flour-making process.
The House of Combraille is a fun and interactive space dedicated to the territory of the Combraille. Visitors depart to discover all its wealth by addressing various topics : geology, landscapes and natural environments, flora…
MONTAIGU-LE-BLIN - The Rural Museum of Montaigu-Le-Blin
The museum presents paleontology and geology of the Forterre and specific farming tools to the region. Burrowing plans of the 18th century and cadastral maps are used to monitor habitat and communication.
SAINT-POURÇAIN-SUR-SIOULE - The Museum of the Vineyard and the Country
The museum is in apart of the former Benedictine monastery in the late 15th century. The collections help to enter the world of the wine of Saint-Pourçain , understand the life of the winemaker, his…