the Museums of the Bourbonnais

The collections of the museums in the Allier reflectes diversity richness of the Bourbonnais.

Map of the Duchy of Bourbonnais – Cusset Museum. Designed by Guiljelmum and Joannem Blaeuw (his son), published in Amsterdam in the mid- seventeenth century.

Museums :

AUDES - Museum of the Berry Canal
BELLENAVES - Automobile Museum
BOURBON L'ARCHAMBAULT - Augustin-Bernard Muséum
BOURBON L'ARCHAMBAULT - Château de Bourbon-l’Archambault
CERILLY - Charles-Louis Philippe Museum-House
CHANTELLE - Exhibition hall of the Tourism House
CHAREIL-CINTRAT - Conservatory of Veterans Grapes
CHARROUX - Museum of Charroux and its district
CHATELPERRON - Prehistorama “Between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon”
CHATELUS - School Museum
COMMENTRY - Hall of Emile Male heritage
COULEUVRE - The Porcelain Museum of Couleuvre
CUSSET - The Prison Tower Museum and its Undergrounds
ECHASSIERES - Wolframines Museum / House of Minerals
FLEURIEL - Historial of the peasant soldier
GANNAT - Paléopolis
GANNAT - Yves Machelon Museum
HURIEL - Museum of the Dungeon of Toque
JENZAT - The Stringed-instrument maker’s House
LE BREUIL - Milling Museum – Montciant Mill
MONTAIGU-LE-BLIN - The Rural Museum of Montaigu-Le-Blin
MONTLUÇON - Popular Music Muséum – MuPop
MOULINS - Anne de Beaujeu Museum and Mantin House – MAB
MOULINS - Building Musem
MOULINS - Castle of the Dukes of Bourbon (Badly capped)
MOULINS - Illustration of the Youth Museum – MIJ
NERIS-LES-BAINS - Gallo-Roman Museum
SAINT-FÉLIX - Josette Bournet Museum
SAINT-NICOLAS-DES-BIEFS - Glasworker’s Museum
SAINT-POURÇAIN-SUR-SIOULE - The Museum of the Vineyard and the Country
SOUVIGNY - Museum and Priory Church
VERNEUIL-EN-BOURBONNAIS - Museum Washing and Ironing
VICHY - Albert Londres House
VICHY - The African and Asian Arts Museum
VICHY - The Opera of Vichy Museum
YGRANDE - Émile Guillaumin Museum